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Jean store – bringing name brand Jeans at affordable prices

Since 1969, Jean Store has sought to bring the best prices for men’s and women’s jeans, casuals and footwear. They continue to retain a strong customer base because of this commitment to reasonable pricing and excellent customer service.

Now over 40 years on, the goal is the same. Jeans Store continues to bring competitively priced products, which not only includes classic jeans brands such as Wrangler, Levi and Lee, but other clothing and footwear brands like Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Converse and Vans. Jean Store has managed to satisfy both their in-store and online customers without sacrificing the customer service or great pricing for either.

How do they do it? Well, it’s not possible without a level of commitment by the staff. There’s still that need to provide the best service and deals to all customers, whether they visit the shop or Jean Store’s eCommerce site. However, things like stock management and easy to use EPoS systems certainly help!

Intelligent Retail and Jean Store

The pressures of 21st century retailing can be overwhelming, and Jean Store chose Intelligent Retail and its forward thinking Connect EPoS system. Connect has continued to evolve and develop along with the demands of modern retailers. One of the key benefits of Connect is its multichannel capabilities. From Connect’s back office you can add stock to your eCommerce site, eBay and Amazon. This has been a real help to retailers like Jean Store using Intelligent Retails EPoS, particularly when it comes to the spending of valuable time.

Connect also provides an excellent stock management system that is both simple and practical. Tying in with the stocks of the physical shop and online sales, Connect will tell you the stock level of a particular item, no matter where or when you sold it. This means that if someone has purchased a particular pair of Wranglers on Sunday night online, the till will notify staff ready for Monday morning so that it can be picked and packed for despatch.

This is a great example of two companies working together to produce the best results. From Jean Store’s dedication to providing exceptional service and Intelligent Retail’s imperative to create practical and smart technology to support the shop in its endeavours.

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