Knitting Yarns – a retailer utilising multichannel

knitting yarn from pack lane wool

A good selection of knitting yarns and accessories from Pack Lane wool

Pack Lane Wool based in Basingstoke offer a wide range of knitting yarns from Rowan, Wendy, Twilleys and many others as well as accessories and equipment for haberdashery, needlecraft, felting and beading in a shop which is well laid out and welcoming.  Pack Lane Wool carry many brands including Wendy yarn , a good range of Rowan yarn and of course Twilleys Yarn which is still produced by the Thomas Ramsden company in Stamford.  Pack Lane Wool offer a well laid out ecommerce website and also utilise Google products as part of their multichannel offering, meaning that this is a true multichannel business utilising multichannel solutions.

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