Intelligent Retail Customer Jeanstore

Jean store – bringing name brand Jeans at affordable prices

Since 1969, Jean Store has sought to bring the best prices for men’s and women’s jeans, casuals and footwear. They continue to retain a strong customer base because of this commitment to reasonable pricing and excellent customer service.

Now over 40 years on, the goal is the same. Jeans Store continues to bring competitively priced products, which not only includes classic jeans brands such as Wrangler, Levi and Lee, but other clothing and footwear brands like Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Converse and Vans. Jean Store has managed to satisfy both their in-store and online customers without sacrificing the customer service or great pricing for either.

How do they do it? Well, it’s not possible without a level of commitment by the staff. There’s still that need to provide the best service and deals to all customers, whether they visit the shop or Jean Store’s eCommerce site. However, things like stock management and easy to use EPoS systems certainly help!

Intelligent Retail and Jean Store

The pressures of 21st century retailing can be overwhelming, and Jean Store chose Intelligent Retail and its forward thinking Connect EPoS system. Connect has continued to evolve and develop along with the demands of modern retailers. One of the key benefits of Connect is its multichannel capabilities. From Connect’s back office you can add stock to your eCommerce site, eBay and Amazon. This has been a real help to retailers like Jean Store using Intelligent Retails EPoS, particularly when it comes to the spending of valuable time.

Connect also provides an excellent stock management system that is both simple and practical. Tying in with the stocks of the physical shop and online sales, Connect will tell you the stock level of a particular item, no matter where or when you sold it. This means that if someone has purchased a particular pair of Wranglers on Sunday night online, the till will notify staff ready for Monday morning so that it can be picked and packed for despatch.

This is a great example of two companies working together to produce the best results. From Jean Store’s dedication to providing exceptional service and Intelligent Retail’s imperative to create practical and smart technology to support the shop in its endeavours.

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Jewellery Shop Multichannel

blue john jewellery and many other types of stone from parriss jewellers

A great selection of jewellery from Parriss Jewellers

Many jewellery shops utilise multichannel solutions in order to trade effectively nowadays – the combination of large stocks of small handcrafted items and the need to spend time with customers lends itself to the use of a well designed multichannel epos solution which helps the retailer to spend more time looking after customers and meeting their requirements.

Parriss jewellers have been trading since 1892 and utilise an integrated multichannel EPoS system from Intelligent Retail.  This retailer offer a wide range of jewellery for men, women and children including birthstone jewellery and blue john jewellery as well as the traditional diamond and gemstone jewellery.  All the jewellery offered by Parriss Jewellers is set in either silver, gold or platinum, with a wide variety of precious, semi precious and polished stones available as settings.

While Parriss jewellers are based in Norfolk, the multichannel aspect of their in-store setup allows them to trade effectively online, with an eCommerce website at, use of Google Products and the ability to use Ebay and Amazon as well as .  This multichannel approach is a great way to push sales for competitive products such as jewellery, giving the widest possible spread of selling channels.

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Multichannel equestrian retailer

Multichannel equestrian store

A great range of equestrian clothing, footwear and accessories from offer a whole host of items for horse, rider and yard, with clothing, footwear and equipment on offer as well as feeds and medicinal supplies for horses.

This website is one of the online channels utilised by the Trot2 to drive sales to the business through a multichannel approach which includes Google Products, integrated stock control and a whole host of other selling channels.

The website offers a wide range of clothing from Pikeur , Joules and Horseware as well as the fabulously popular range of boots from Dubarry , which are seen in all the best fields nowadays and have become a bit of a fashion item in their own right.

The shop offers some great deals on equestrian equipment, with free delivery on all orders above £50 to UK mainland addresses.

You can see details of at the website.

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Outdoor retailer using a multichannel solution

Backpacks, Sleeping bags and more from Trek King

A whole host of trekking accessories, clothing and footwear from Trek King

Here’s a great example of a retailer using multichannel – Trek King based in London offer a whole host of equipment, clothing and footwear for those who love to brave the big bad outdoors, with a wide selection of backpacks , sleeping bags and survival kit for trekkers and hikers as well as those heading out camping.

Trek King utilise a multichannel system from Intelligent Retail which  allows direct feeds into Google Products, Ebay and Amazon as well as full control of the eCommerce website, with all sales coming back directly to the shop till which in itself is controlled by a centrallised stock control system.

The website allows shopping by brand and gender as well as traditional navigation via category, with a number of high profile brands being offered such as Columbia, Gelert and Lifeventure.  You’ll find a large selection of clothing, equipment and footwear available through the Trek King website, with some great deals on offer.

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Baby Clothing Multichannel Retailer

Here’s a great example of a well utilised multichannel solution – Little World Online use a class leading multichannel system which allows trading across multiple channels right from the shop till.  The Connect system from Intelligent Retail offers a whole host of benefits for independent retailers as it offers integrated stock control, ‘drag and drop’ feed straight into Ebay and Amazon and of course complete control of a Connect eCommerce website.  This innovative multichannel approach is used by Little World Online to great effect, with all orders coming right back to the shop till… and of course all stock being decremented from the same stock tree!  This integrated approach means that this type of multichannel software is fantastic for independent retailers, giving flexibility and results.

Little World Online offer a whole host of designer clothing and toys for little girls and boys from design houses such as Little Joules , Phister and Philina and Mini A Ture .  This range is complemented by a great range of soft toys from Kaloo.  Take a look a the website at or if you’re in the area call into the shop.

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Giftware retailer with multichannel

kraxi giftware store - a multichannel retailer

A great range of giftware from this multichannel retailer

Kraxi, giftware store based in Wales offer a whole host of gifts, homewares and toys from ranges such as Very Hungry caterpillar , Peter Rabbit and Hidden Treasures , with a whole host of items on offer via the website.

Kraxi use a multichannel solution from Intelligent Retail which allows Kraxi to trade across many different channels including the shop till, website, Ebay and Amazon as well as through the excellent Google Products selling channel.  Kraxi utilise their website at to good effect, offering a wide range of products online.  All sales from the website go back to the shop till and are decremented from the same stock tree as the sales from any other channel, meaning that there are never any issues with overselling stock.

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Clothing and fashion multichannel retailer

coeur de lion jewellery and noa noa clothing from fashion that is different.

A good selection of clothing, footwear and accessories from fashion that is different - multichannel retailer.

Here’s an example of a well integrated multichannel retailer – offer a whole host of designer branded clothing, jewellery and footwear as well as accessories and homeware all from the same store.  You’ll find fashionthatisdifferent offer hard to source items which are a touch above the rest in quality – product ranges such as Coeur De Lion and Noa Noa clothing vy for space with the likes of Lola Cruz shoes and Totem clothing ranges – fabulous clothing, accessories and footwear for ladies!

Fashion that is Different use a state of the art multichannel solution from Intelligent Retail which offers trading across multiple eCommerce websites, Google Products, Ebay and Amazon as well as the traditional offline trading channels.  This approach is only possible because of the centrallised stock control system employing thin client technology, that is there is a local database and online database which are synchronised whenever a change is made to stock online or offline.

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Rocky Horrors Multichannel retailer

rocky horrors for alternative clothing and footwear

Rocky Horrors sell a wide range of clothing and footwear including Dr Martens boots

Here’s a good example of a well established multichannel retailer who utilise both online and offline channels to good effect.  Rocky Horrors have been trading since the 1980’s, offering a wide range of alternative clothing, footwear and accessories including the roaringly successful range of Air Wair boots from Dr Martens and a whole host of clothing for punks, rockers and goths from the likes of Hell Bunny and Poizen Industries .  Rocky Horrors trade using a stock managed EPoS system from Intelligent Retail which allows trading across Ebay, Amazon, Google Products and a fully integrated eCommerce website, which allows Rocky Horrors to quicky list products and sell across multiple channels.

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REN Skincare from Sue Parkinson

REN Skincare from Sue Parkinson

A great deal on REN skincare products from Multichannel retailer Sue Parkinson

Here’s a shop which uses multichannel to great effect.  Sue Parkinson has been trading for over 40 years so have seen a lot of changes in both the industry and technology over the years.  Sue Parkinson now use a class leading multichannel epos system from Intelligent Retail which offers control of the website, till and many online selling channels such as Google Products, Ebay and Amazon right from the till.  Sue Parkinson offer their stock of designer clothing, footwear, cosmetics and furnishings for women via their three high street stores in the south of England and via their ecommerce website which sells world wide, with stock which includes REN Skincare and a whole host of clothing and accessories from top designer brands such as  Thierry Rabotin shoes and Hultquist Jewellery .

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Jellycat Toys – a business using multichannel

The Parsley Pot in Bury St Edmonds sell a large range of Jellycat Toys including the fabulous Jellycat Bunnies range which make great toys for young children and babies.  The Parsley Pot trade in a fine selection of toys, homewares and giftware items which are sold via their high street store, Google Products and an ecommerce website at  This multichannel retailer is using the Connect Multichannel EPoS system by Intelligent Retail, a system which is based around a centrallised stock tree system, feeding into multiple channels and serving as the central hub for all multichannel selling activity.

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